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Hannah Boulton

Learn to Sing

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Starting from the very beginning, Hannah's singing course teaches all the techniques you need to know to become a fantastic singer. Hannah's online video course is split across Lessons teaching you new techniques, Exercises teaching you how to practice techniques and Challenges teaching you how to apply techniques.


Getting started

Finding your chest and head voices

Supporting and projecting your voice

Singing myths exposed

Warming up your voice

Cooling down your voice

Tracking your progress

How to practice singing

The major scale

The minor scale


Working with your range

How to learn a song

Projecting your voice

Writing your first melody

Remember to have fun!

Singing with dynamics

Singing with vibrato

How to pitch a note

Singing clearly

Intermediate warm-ups

Improve your timing

Exploring your vocal tone

Express yourself

The pentatonic scale

Improve your pitching

Tongue root tension

The soft palate

Releasing tension

Find and balance your larynx

Relaxing your jaw and face

Dealing with nerves

How to use a microphone

Giving a great performance

Singing with mixed voice

Improve your resonance

Singing and playing guitar

Riffing with agility

Introduction to ear training

Minor 2nd

Major 2nd

Minor 3rd

Major 3rd

Perfect 4th


Perfect 5th

Minor 6th

Major 6th

Minor 7th

Major 7th


Artist Mentoring

at WaterBear Music College