Born in Kent, England, Hannah Boulton is a British vocalist and songwriter living in Brighton.

Hannah grew up with music in her soul as the fourth consecutive generation of singers in her family. Her deep sense of compassion and empathy for others resonates in her vocal style and draws in with hypnotic mastery the most hardened listeners, unlikely to be drawn to this style of music.

Hannah’s classical training mixed with her own contemporary influences, together with her heart bleeding ethereal style and depth of pathos gives her effortless vocal control and harmonic sensitivity, rarely heard from a young soul.

Her vocal sound is as natural as they come, with a silk-smooth, crystalline clarity, evoking tears and goosebumps. Hannah’s effortless expression and phrasing show her true artistry which cuts heart rates in half and soothes even the most wrinkled of minds.

Hannah’s uniquely beautiful voice blends the tones of Eva Cassidy, Adele and Sade with her own special sauce capable of reducing a room full of military tough guys to a watery mess.

Her versatility and vocal exploration allow her to wander between atmospheric ballads, hypnotic trip-hop woe and cliff-edge rock leads.